• VR Imagefilm


  • 25hours Hotel Company GmbH
Producer: Stefan Kleinalstede
Director: Max Nüchtern


25Hours Hotel – Hamburg Hafencity

Wanderlust and nostalgia: Cosy berths with stories of sea voyages and distant ports.

a girl in every port.

The port and the sea. Industry and romance. Cabins and log books. The Port of Hamburg with its overseas shipping containers and the mighty Elbe river don’t just provide a backdrop for the 25hours Hotel Hamburg HafenCity; they are all part of it.

Our VR Production ensured that Hamburgs special flavour can be experienced at other 25Hours Hotels via VR. The new technology enables new direct marketing opportunities, which the 25Hours Hotel Group uses to promote the other hotels right inside the hotel the guest enjoys his stay.

Making of Impressions

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