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Our Services

Film Production


The world is in steady motion like our Camera Guys. Focused on Action Sports & Culture Documentaries our crew has worked on each continent to capture unique frames and magic moments. You name it & we find the right team for your needs.

VR - Virtual Reality


We make it simple to share your ideas with the new audience in the Virtual Reality. We are one of most innovative VR Production Companies in Germany and fuel the spread of VR worldwide together with our Partners & unreal technology.



We call it Visual Art. The portfolio of our Photographers varies from World Press Award Winners over Reuters Photographers to the most notable Action Sports Photographers worldwide.

Post Production


Semicolon editors have created thousands of successful edits for our customers in a large variety of projects. From long and short documentaries, sport event edits to all kinds of social media edits and even VR and 360° videos… We can do it all!

Webdesign | Social Media Services


The progression on the WWW never stops and what´s good today can be outdated tomorrow. We love to code and know how to connect the dots and bring your digital infrastructure to the next level.

Event Service


We have decades of experience working on XXL international events & distributing the magic moments to the audience
that is not on the venue.

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