• 45 Minutes German Version
  • 52 Minutes International Version


  • ZDF
  • Arte
  • Global Distribution
Executive Producer: Stefan Kleinalstede
Director: Sarah Vianney
DoP: Frank Becht
Edit: Alexander Lupanow
Music: Harry Keyworth
Mix: Stefan Meindl


Isle of Rum - Winner LA Documentary Film Festival 2022

Isle of Rum – Time for legends

We are honoured to announce that our documentary “Isle of Rum” won

BEST ENVIRONMENTAL FILM at LA Documentary Film Festival

Reaching a whole new audience with this well-respected and industry – oriented film festival pleases us immensely.
From the inception of the documentary to a brilliant and emotional shoot, the reception of the film both on ARTE and in screenings has been very rewarding.
The Isle of Rum documentary is a labour of love, filmed at a time when we all craved the feeling of community yet wanted to be a world apart from the rest of humanity.
A small Scottish isle where only about 40 people have made their home redefine the word community, led by the eccentric and charismatic Dave Beaton.
The slow paced, beautifully shot documentary invites you in and creates a little bubble of happiness, for 52 minutes at a time.

Enjoy the film, selected of Social Media clips and the BTS Impressions

Selected Social Media Clips

Our Crew at work – BTS

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