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Stefan Kleinalstede | Oliver Schran
Max Nüchtern


Red Bull Dirt Diggers

Red Bull Dirt Diggers − The unique Motocross Freeriding Event

Back to the roots! On September 14, Luc Ackermann invited 9 of his buddies to join him in Dinslaken in the Ruhr Area of Germany to push riding to the next level on a three stage freeride area.

Enjoy the clips we produced for Red Bull Germany about the big show.

Red Bull Dirt Diggers 1:51

Action Highlight (Web, Social Media, Red Bull TV)

The Best Action Clip from this unique event in Germany

Red Bull Dirt Diggers Vlog 1 9:32

From a dream to reality (Red Bull TV)

FMX Rider Busty Wolter goes Backstage at Red Bull Dirt Diggers and gives you deep insides from behind the scenes.

Red Bull Dirt Diggers Vlog 2 7:15

From Jumps to the Snake-Runs (Red Bull TV)

Busty Wolter looking for the roots of FMX.

Red Bull Dirt Diggers Vlog 3 5:28

Luc Ackermann tries Freeriding (Red Bull TV)

Busty Wolter meets Luc Ackermann to get the riders view of this new event.

Red Bull Dirt Diggers Vlog 4 9:32

Showtime (Red Bull TV)

Busty Wolter stayed during the event behind the scenes to give the fans deeper insides of what really was going on at Dirt Diggers.

Red Bull TV - Highlight Video Keyframe

Red Bull Dirt Diggers Highlight

The Red Bull TV Highlight



Luc Ackermann Profile Servus TV

With scenes from  Red Bull Dirt Diggers



Our Crew at Work